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Retail Area Sales Manager Fashion

Chalhoub Group
Dubai  -  United Arab Emirates
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Chalhoub Group - Dubai United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Job Detail

  • Industry:
    Apparel & Fashion Retail
  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Salary (Dirham):
    As per Industry Standards
  • Job Location:
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Minimum Education:
    Bachelors Degree
  • Minimum Experience:
    6 Years
  • Apply By:
    Apr 05, 2018
  • Job Posting Date:
    Dec 05, 2017

Job Description

Retail Area Sales Manager job vacancy in Chalhoub Group. 

Job Summary: Area Sales Manager Fashion brand
We are currently recruiting for an Area Manager who will be responsible for a number of stores across the UAE region. The role will manage a large team therefore man management experience of 50+ staff would be required.
The Area Manager is a key resource in ensuring that their Shop Managers maximize the commercial performance of their retail shops and deliver exceptional Guest Experience. The Area Manager also establishes a bridge between back-office and their network of stores which they control / audit on a continuous basis and implement corrective solutions and actions.
As a key role in the organization, Area Managers must display a capacity to fully stand the values of Chalhoub Group with a strong focus on Leadership: Respect – Fairness, Integrity, Humility, Excellence – Role Model, Commitment and Efficiency and Entrepreneurial Spirit – Leadership, Ingenuity and Team Spirit.
Promote delivery of exceptional Guest Experience & build customer loyalty
Ensure that shop floor employees are properly trained and coached in customer service excellence
Assess customer service in network of stores through bi monthly review
Use review results to set improvement targets in customer service excellence
Monitor that staff grooming and uniforms are as per standards
Propose remedial action plan to RSM following mystery shopping results
Monitor that approved remedial action plan is executed in stores
Review customer complaints and incident report involving customers weekly with store manager and provide advice and coaching
Facilitate resolution of Guest-related issues finding the best solution to satisfy Guests and preserve the interests of the Group (repairs, extra-discounts, damaged goods, exchanges, refunds, etc.)
Send monthly report to RSM on customer complaints
Approve temporary loans for VVIP
Verify conformity of VIP list proposed by store networks with criteria and submit list to RSM for validation
Monitor that identification of transactions is done
Monitor that all transactions above average have been linked to customer names
Set up targets by segments of key customers for store (development of average and total value of purchase, increase of product mix) to store manager and monitor performance vs. targets
Monitor that store managers distribute these targets on customer loyalty to sales executives through their individual line targets and set targets for store managers in their own individual line targets and monitor performance vs. targets
Review plans of contacts of customers with store managers during visits and monitor execution
Provide feedback to RSM on the use of the database of key customers for CRM campaigns
Manage store top line & gross margin achievement
Ensure that annual and monthly sales target per store are properly communicated to store managers on a timely basis
Provide monthly detailed feedback on store top line achievements to RSM to prepare monthly top line review
Suggest action plan to improve store top line and gross margin within network of stores whenever required
Validate monthly line targets to sales executives proposed by Store managers and check alignment with store budget targets and alignment with menu set by RSM
Fix monthly line targets to Store managers
Review monthly how to address low performance of sales executives if any
Motivate and align shop floor staff on objectives by performing weekly huddle in stores and adapt the weekly theme to business requirements (e.g. understanding of product catalogue during season, new product launches, etc..)
Control discounts by categories of customers (e.g. commercial discounts, Group favourite discounts, staff discounts)
Approve exceptional commercial discounts to customers as per thresholds in specific cases and ensure that discounts are escalated whenever required
Budget Management
Actively participate in preparation and execution of store budget (mainly top line)
Provide relevant qualitative feedback to RSM to help  prepare store top line budget (e.g. performance of brand, category, SKU and detailed information on historical sales and store customers)
Provide monthly detailed feedback on store top line achievements to line manager to help prepare monthly top line review
Network changes (New store opening and store closure)
Ensure commercial preparation of store before opening and during first months of operations
Act as the local commercial project manager for smooth preparation of store opening and monitor stabilization of operations
Submit retro plan on commercial part of calendar of store opening to RSM and local project management team
Execute the staffing plan
Suggest to RSM transfer of store manager to new store
Propose action plan for first 6 months of operations for new stores (e.g. staff training, customer acquisition) through specific KPIs
Coordinate with local Back-office
Propose remedial plan before store closure and execute phasing out plan during closure
Propose remedial plan for underperforming stores based on insights from store manager
Monitor execution of remedial plan after approval
Execute the phasing out plan in case of closure (e.g. staffing, etc.)
Product and coaching related to product

•             Act as the product champion and the link between back-office and the shop floor employees
•             Ensure new products/new season collection are properly explained to shop floor employees
Ensure alignment of communication of shop floor employees on products through coaching on sales techniques related to products and  during weekly huddles
Provide qualitative feedbacks on product performance based on merchandise templates
Qualitative feedback from the RSM on input provided towards product performance resulting in higher sales
Effectively review & manage store operations
Make sure that stores are properly staffed and monitor that administrative responsibilities are assigned to one specific staff at all time
Monitor that rosters are correctly performed by store managers
Address immediately issues of staffing revealed by daily SORT
Approve rebalancing of staff between stores to improve overall performance of store
Instruct store managers for temporary assignment of staff outside store (e.g. staff sales, stock take in other store, special events) and find replacement
Escalate need of staffing to RSM whenever appropriate
Review compensation schedule with store managers to ensure fairness
Monitor that administrative responsibilities are assigned at all time to, at least, one specific staff and that administrative KPIs are properly cascaded down to the concerned staff
Monitor that issues raised by daily SORT are solved on time and properly
Coordinate with Retail Operations specialist in case of operational issues disrupting/threatening sale performance
Ensure that back-store operations are correctly performed in stores by performing SOQLE check-list during visits to stores and review issues with store manager
Review overall compliance of stores to Store Manual monthly with  Retail Operations Specialist and decide jointly on action plan
Monitor that action plan on back-store operations is properly executed by store managers
Coordinate with Retail Store Operations Specialist for proper solution to operational issues disrupting sales
Approve petty cash reimbursement based on summary of expenses
Receive copy of supply requests sent by store managers to Retail operations specialists
Assortment, Visual Merchandising and Marketing
Monitor that VM activities are executed in network of stores   

Send calendar of VM activities to store manager
Monitor that VM activities in stores are performed according to sales plan and provide monthly report to RSM
Escalate issues related to execution of VM calendar to RSM
Monitor that Marketing activities are executed in network of stores

Monitor that Marketing activities in stores are performed according to marketing plan and provide weekly report to RSM
Verify that new collection assortment is performed in store as per Brand’s and merchandise team’s guidelines
Try to find solution to align assortment as per Brand’s guidelines
Qualitative feedback from the RSM
Store Inventory Management
Responsible of stock variance in stores along with store managers
Provide insights to RSM regarding cycle counting criteria based on concerns or recurring issues in stores
Recommend best calendar for annual stock take and cycle counting by stores
Perform spot checks on items based on SOQLE results
Monitor that stock discrepancies and other variances in stores are addressed on time and as per group's guidelines
Decrease in stock take variance in network of stores (actual vs. target)
Effectively manage & control store expenses (Uniforms, VM, store expenses, etc.)
Ensure expenses related to uniform and petty cash remains within budget
Ensure that uniform expenses remains within budget
Approve petty cash expenses in store
Team Management

Manage shop floor employees within area
Ensure that recruitment of sales executive  is performed as per Group’s standards
Ensure that talents in their network are identified, developed and proposed for promotion as per Group’s standards and interests of individuals
Ensure that performance management  for store managers (setting objectives and individual assessment) is performed according to Group’s standards and correctly communicated to store managers
Validate IPA for sales executives
Ensure that monthly assessment (IPA) of store manager is performed as per Group’s schedules  and standards
Validate monthly individual rewards and commission for sales executive
Ensure that monthly individual rewards and commissions for store manager is fairly translating achievement of performance
Manage shop floor employees within area
Propose individual training of store managers based on PDR results
Monitor that IDP of sales executive are performed as per Group’s guidelines
Monitor that needs for training of sales executives are identified and addressed
Monitor that gaps in back-store operations revealed by SORT and SOQLE or raised by store managers and super users are addressed through coaching and technical trainings for concerned sales executives
Coordinate with Retail operations specialist to organize in-store trainings of store staff in case of change of SOP
Ensure that personnel administration requests of shop floor employees (sales executives and store managers) are addressed in time
Ensure that disciplinary actions for shop floor employees (sales executives and store managers) are performed as per Group’s due diligence process or escalated when needed
Act as a coordinator between store network and local back-office for smooth execution of activities

Ensure smooth coordination between Marketing, VM, Merchandise and store managers for events and activities  in the store  or in the mall
Coordinate with Retail Store Operations Specialist for proper solution to operational issues disrupting sales
Ensure coordination with Retail Operations Specialist and Factory outlet team during staff sales (e.g. staffing and staff supervision)
Ensure coordination with LGM reports for smooth execution of retail activities in countries
Cross subject knowledge (IT, Sales, POS, etiquette, stock, security, Man management, Cash collection and reconciliation, finance, etc…). No need of expertise in any of the subjects, but require intermediate level of understanding on how they work and how all of these are linked together.
Retail Technical Competencies

1.  Retail Affinity & Understanding
2.  Business & Commercial Acumen
3. Operational Excellence
4.  Foresight & Creativity
5.  Superior Guest Experience
6.  Organisational Adaptability
Core Competencies

Customer Focus
Managing Diverse Relationships
Operational Excellence
Effective Communication
Energy, Drive and Flexibility
Creativity and Innovation
Building and Developing a High-Performance Culture
Managerial Courage
Managing Resources (People, Finance, Data etc.)

Key requirements:

6 – 8 years’ experience managing multiple stores in the region  
Must have effective communication skills and ability to deal with a large team
Strong leadership skills and open door approach
Arabic speaking is preferred
Job Segment: Sales Management, Merchandising, Sales, Fashion, Retail

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