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Tips for 2017 Job Seekers to Find Job in Dubai, UAE

tips to find jobs in dubai in 2017

Dubai is a great place for a person who is targeting and moving towards building a great professional career. The good news is that compared to other gulf cities Dubai is not much dependent in Oil Industry which is facing a down fall now a days. Dubai focuses more in Tourism, Real Estate and Trading Sectors. According to latest studies more than 80% of the companies in Dubai and United Arab Emirates are still engaged in recruiting targeting the future growth in the market with the well planned infrastructure development and events like expo 2020. Dubai has been voted as the 2nd Top city in Middle East and Northern Africa to live in and rated as the 5th Top TIPS city in region for possibility of getting a job. 73% Dubai citizens and expats living standards in Dubai are excellent.

However, we always suggest making a check list before starting a job hunt in Dubai,  UAE or any countries you target for a job hunt. We are discussing some of the important tips to consider which will make your Job Search in Dubai easier and which will increase your chance to get hired to a great extent.

Identify your Target, Strength and Weak Areas

Dubai is on top of the list for those who are planning to start a expat life. This makes Dubai job market very competitive. It is very important to have a clear idea of your target, your strength and your weaknesses.  Do a self-analysis; ask questions to yourself like how to find a job, where to find a job, what benefits I should look for, what I can offer to my employer as well as what is my aspirations and motivations.  Your work experience is also very important, ever Dubai offers job for fresher, we personally suggest you work in your home country for a minimum experience which will satisfy your employer to a considerable extend.

Do your homework on Job Market and Key Employers

With most of major local employers will be having a career page in their website to publish their Job openings or they will advertise through prominent job sites, Its hard to find the job market trend but a go through may give you a general idea. By researching through major job portals and career pages you will get to know which the job sector is trending. Research will help you to find your sort of company, position to target and the ways to approach the employer. Some of the major Job Portals you can depend for are listed in below article.

Register your CV Online Across Your Targeted Companies and Job Portal

Once you are done with your homework in Dubai Job Market and your list of employers and job site is ready, do your registration in those websites and corporate employer career pages. More than 90% of the recruiting happens from this database of CV belongs to their HR department. So it is very important for you to build an online CV and a cover letter to increase your hiring possibilities. Be sure that your cv contains all relevant information’s and look focused to the career you are looking for and is professional and updated. Also you should include the relevant keywords, targeted areas, industry, sector, experience, job roles and your skills, which will make the filtering easy for the employer and will give you a good visibility and stand ahead to other applicants.

LinkedIn can do Wonders in Your Job Search

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If no is the answer you are outdated. More than a social media LinkedIn is a Hiring tool for companies. All major companies and agencies in Dubai are depending LinkedIn for finding better candidate. LinkedIn will give you alerts on the latest job openings and you can make direct connections with the HR personals in the corporate which may help you in your job search in Dubai. Personally we are sure that LinkedIn will be on the top of the list for job hunt and recruiting in Dubai, UAE by 2017. So be ready with a professional page with an established network of connections even before you start your career and job search in Dubai –UAE.

Schedule a Routine and Follow it without Failure

Let us assume you booked your flight ticket to Dubai on December 1st, its very important that you should keep applying regularly for a month before coming to Dubai. So start applying for Jobs from November because employers usually take time to review applications and obviously your time is limited and precious once you reach Dubai. Most importantly never forget to update your contact information on your online CV and on public profiles. It is very important to keep applying for jobs and keep visiting your list of job sites on a regular basis. Continues refreshing your online CV ensures that your CV is on top of employers search result.

Be Focused, Patient and Determined

As all know Dubai is a hot spot for job hunters from all across the world. It may not be that easy to find a job for a Job Searcher. There is a high chance of disappointment with the result in your first stage of Job Search. But keep in mind the fact that its not very easy to get job in Dubai with such a high competitions. But at same time Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate in world and getting a good job is not something impossible. So be focused, patient and determined… you can do it…

Friends, Families, Well-wishers and Network

Friends, Families, Well-wishers and Network can play a key role in your job search. Keep in touch with your alumni friends, relatives and making a local network of your own can give you a better idea and approach towards your job search. References play a key role in Dubai Job Market.  Networking would not be easy for you as you are new in the city and don't much about employers and not have much information about local market. You keep a track of job fair or job expos happening in city and try your best to attend the same. LinkedIn can help you a lot in networking.

Do your Follow up

Do a decent follow up of the interviews you attended. We always advise you to plan your Job Search Trip to Dubai at least for 60 to 90 days, so that you will get a decent time to come up with a decision or to get hired.

As a Conclusion: 

Finding good Job in Dubai is a dream for most of the people. People target Dubai as their work place because of the high quality lifestyle and infra structure. Dubai is a welcoming city or job hunters. Majority fails to find jobs in Dubai just because they don't do their homework and they are not focused or determined to find one. Some are hitting Jackpot even without any homework and preparation even.. Luck rules..

So… job hunters, welcome to Dubai, UAE – All the best.


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